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1. A Brief History of the Local Church.

2. Watching Out For Watchman Nee

3. Beyond the cult of personality?

4. The Teachings of Witness Lee and The Local Church

5. Watchman Nee Another Perspective

6. The True Jesus Church?

7. Is Jesus Cleansing His Church with Cleansing Stream?

Roots of the Modern Discipline MovementOff-site Link Chapter from an online book called "The Discipling Dilemma". In this chapter, Watchman Nee's teachings are shown to be one of the roots of discipling movements such as the cultic International Churches of Christ.

9. Watchman Nee and the House Church Movement in China.

10. The Local Church Lord's Recovery; Living Stream Ministry; Bibles For America

11. The Shouters

12. Books on Nee

• Secrets of Watchman Nee by Dana Roberts - (206 pages, $11.95) Watchman Nee’ followers probably will not take kindly to this book. Many revere Nee as a saint who is not to be questioned. Those who see Nee in a harsher light and think he is off the orthodox and evangelical charts will probably think Roberts deals too kindly with him. This shows that Roberts treated him fairly. The book has extensive footnotes and a large bibliography.


13. The 'Toronto Blessing' (or the so-called 'new wave of holy laughter')

14. Watchman Nee's "The Latent Power of the Soul"

15. Watchman Nee: The Master of Mix-Up

Other Articles

16. The Local Church

17. Watchman Nee and Witness Lee

18. “Man Becoming God” as Explained by Witness Lee and the "Lord's Recovery"

19. The Local Church on Campus by Rachael Alterman

20. The Local Church Cult and the Supreme Court of Texas: A Big Victory for the Counter-Cult Movement

21. Zealous and Misled: I Once Lost My Way

22. False Views of Jesus Christ (Examples of “Re-defining” Jesus Christ