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List of False Teachers and what they teach.

"But there were False Prophets also among the people, even as there shall be False Teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the LORD that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction" (2Peter 2:1).

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Francis Chan, Neo-Calvinist, New Age gnostic and a sell out. 16/1/2013
Lieutenant General William G. Boykin (retired) Former C.I.A, Currently part of the Grand Magisterial Chancery Grand Chancellor Knights of Malta
Knights Hospitaller, Ecumenical
and a Calvary Chapel Speaker.
(Coming soon)
Ecumenist Greg Laurie a Calvary Chapel Leader exposed. (Coming soon)
Jan (Justice) Boshoff the youtube Montanist from South Africa, known by the name
Jackie Pullinger Monica Dennington - Tictoc Ministries, self-appointed teacher and a Gnostic - 30.1.2010
Jackie Pullinger Jackie Pullinger, Ecumenical and The Third Wave.
"26th oct 2009"
Patricia King - Practitioner of Witchcraft, Occultism, New Age Mysticism and Paganism.
Lucy Real - New Mystic
"02 oct 2009"
David Wilkerson - False Prophet and Teacher
Todd Bentley, Occultist, New Age Mystic and Deceiver.

Dr Billy Graham - Roman Catholic and Ecumenical


Watchman Nee

Former Non-Denominational now a Catholic.
Bill Johnson - Pastor Bethel Church Deceiver, False Apostle, and a Member of the Elijah list.
The Dangerous Deception`s of
Dr. Nicky Gumbel.
Jack van Impe - Ecumenism and interfaith "unity".
Reinhard Bonnke - Miracles: Hope And Damnation.
C. S. Lewis - Influenced by Anthroposophy, A Society known as The Inklings, The New Age, Taoism and Occultism.
Benny Hinn - Palestinian Roman Catholic Heretic.
Gail Riplinger (KJVO) - A look at her book, New Age Bible Versions and it's misrepresentations.
Jesse Duplantis - Heretic.
Rodney Howard-Brown - Heretic.
Rick Warren - Seeker-Sensitive.

Kenneth Copland - Heretic.

Tony Campolo - Interfaith, Compromiser and a Heretic. (Coming Soon)
Paul (David) Yonggi Cho - Assemblies
of God. (Coming Soon)
William M. Branham - False Prophet and a Heretic. (Coming Soon)
Gerald Coates - Heretic. (Coming Soon)
DR. Robert Schuller - Heretic. (Coming Soon)
David Hogan - Charismatic Teacher. (Coming Soon)
Dr. Christian Harfouche - Word of Faith. (Coming Soon)
T.B. Joshua - False Prophet. (Coming Soon)
Rick Joyner - Heretic. (Coming Soon)
Kathryn Kuhlman - Heretic. (Coming Soon)
Bob Larson - False Teacher. (Coming Soon)
Joyce Meyer - Heretic. (Coming Soon)
Arnold Murray - Cultic Teacher. (Coming Soon)
Carlton Pearson - Universalism.
DON STEWART - Heretic.
Tommy Tenney - False Teacher.
Jack Deere - False Teacher.
C. Peter Wagner - Heretic.
Ted Haggard - Heretic.
Bill Hamon - False Prophet, Kingdom theology and Word of Faith.
Cindy Jacobs - Clairvoyant Prophecies.
George Otis, Jr. - False Transformations Revival.
Youth With A Mission - Compromisers.
Bill Hybels - Willow Creek Church.
Steve Hill - Laughing Revival Evangelist.
John Kilpatrick - Pastor of the Brownsville Assembly of God.
John Arnott - Toronto "Blessing".
Colin Dye - Toronto "Blessing". (Info will be on the New Site)
John Wimber - Vineyard.
John Bevere - Word-Faith Movement.
Kim Clement - Guest on TBN, self-proclaimed prophet and Word-Faith Movement.
Paul Crouch - Heretic, TBN.
Creflo Dollar - Word-Faith Movement.
Kenneth Hagin - Word-Faith Movement.
Marilyn Hickey - Word-Faith Movement.
T.D. Jakes - Word-Faith Movement.
Mike Murdock - Word-Faith Movement.
Joel Osteen - Word-Faith Movement.
Rod Parsley - Word-Faith Movement.
Fred Price - Word-Faith Movement.
Oral Roberts - Word-Faith Movement.
R.W. Shambach - Word-Faith Movement.
Robert Tilton - Word-Faith Movement.
Sun Myung Moon - "So-called" Evangelist/Leader of The Unification Church, Cult leader.
Dr Gene Scott - False Teacher.